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What began in the 80s as small professionally owned start-ups, offering registry services in the then largely manual driven industry, has over the last few decades, grown into what is Link Intime today. Thus, when in 1999 spectrum corporate services ltd. (incorporated 1987) and intime share services pvt. ltd. (incorporated 1989), merged into a single entity, it built upon the promoters’ strong commitment towards consistent and quality offerings in the corporate registry space in India.

Link Intime has striven hard to achieve its current status as the leading Registrars in the IPO & Corporate Registry domain. This has been possible due to the single minded focus on the Registry business and providing value to its prestigious client companies. Link Intime is synonymous with impeccable service level quality, delivered consistently in time, every time.

Link Intime’s main processing center in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is considered one of the best for its hybrid infrastructure, robust technology framework and best in class human resources. Knowledge, Technology, People and Infrastructure are thus the four strong pillars upon which the service model of Link Intime is founded.

All these positives were responsible for Link Market Services, a global registry player based out of Australia, acquiring Intime in 2008 and set Link Intime on the path of future growth and consolidation.

Link Intime is thus firmly established as a trustworthy, reliable and ethical service provider in the securities market.

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